Terms of Use

We are providing these Bootstrap themes for you to use completely free of charge. That means you can build your personal, charity or even corporate website on these templates and not have to shell out a dime. If you are a web developer, you can utilize these themes for building out client sites.

We do NOT allow you to use our themes to create your own theme for sale. You are also NOT welcome to host or redistribute our themes from your website.

If you need theme customizations made or would like us to develop a website for you based off one of our templates, please contact us for rates.

You are welcome to remove the copyright text and the Bootstrap Nirvana attribution link on the bottom of the theme. Just be aware that we always set these links as nofollow to not steal any of your website’s valuable link juice. The footer attribution simply serves to help others find us. Nothing is more annoying than loving a website design and having no idea how to make it your own.